There are loads of books on the shelves that tell you HOW to write a business plan (and plenty of websites where you can download templates), but we’re pretty sure this is the first book that tells you how NOT to write a business plan.

covershadow27 Really Common Business Plan Mistakes is the essential checklist to make sure your plan contains everything you need to impress a potential backer, andeverything you need to leave out. Written is simple English, 27 Really Common Business Plan Mistakes has the first time entrepreneur in mind, but is also a quick and handy guide for more experienced entrepreneurs who risk falling into old, bad habits.

Based on research with investors and lenders, 27 Really Common Business Plan Mistakes makes sure you understand the basic principles of a successful business plan – knowing why you need to write one, knowing who you are writing it for, and understanding what they need to see when they read it – before moving on to describe specific mistakes that mean perfectly good businesses fail to get backing. Chapters include:

Forgetting about cash. Most business plans focus on revenue and profit, but if you don’t also demonstrate you can handle cash flow, you raise a red flag for investors.
Where’s the competition? Obviously your business plan is going to focus on your business, but if you don’t include a proper analysis of your competitors, then you haven’t assessed the risks.
The ‘trap’ in extrapolation. Inexperienced entrepreneurs can get carried away with their forecasts and sometimes include wildly innaccurate revenue figures. This chapter gives you the tools to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.
Failure to answer THREE key questions. Want to know what those three questions are? 27 Really Common Business Plan Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them) is available from AmazoniTunesB&N andKobo.


27 Really Common Business Plan Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them) has been written by Jo Monroe, who has over 15 years experience writing for the business market. Jo has also ghostwritten the bestselling autobiographies of Duncan BannatyneJames Caan and Gerald Ratner.

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