26 Problems With Patents
So you’ve got a great invention and you’re convinced you know how to make money from it? You’ll probably want to protect your idea with a patent, won’t you? After reading 26 Problems With Patents Every Entrepreneur Should Know you might not be so sure. One of the most common mistakes inexperienced entrepreneurs make is applying for a patent when they really don’t need to. The more you find out, the more surprised – and disappointed – you might be at the low level of protection a patent gives your business. 26 Problems With Patents Every Entrepreneur Should Know talks you through the pitfalls and limitations of patent law before outlining the low cost alternatives that are often a better solution for small business owners.

Written in simple English, 26 Problems With Patents Every Entrepreneur Should Know is the perfect primer for entrepreneurs thinking of applying for their first patent.Chapters include:

Patents aren’t worth a penny. Some entrepreneurs believe a patent makes their business more valuable, but this chapter shows how – even if you’ve spent $10,000 on your patent – it might not add a single cent to your bottom line.
What’s the rush? A really common mistake first time applicants make is filing too soon. This chapter helps you judge the best moment to file your claim.
You can’t call 911. There’s no such thing as the patent police. This chapter helps you work out what you’d do if you discover an infringement.
Seven questions you MUST ask your patent lawyer. Want to know what those seven questions are? 26 Problems With Patents Every Entrepreneur Should Know is available at Amazon now!


26 Problems With Patents Every Entrepreneur Should Know has been written by Jo Monroe, who has over 15 years experience writing for the business market. Jo has also ghostwritten the bestselling autobiographies of Duncan BannatyneJames Caan and Gerald Ratner.